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20 Summertime "on the go" Vegan Snacks

Posted on 4 May, 2017 at 0:50

I like to think, that everyday is an opportunity to improve on the last.  With that in mind, I am constantly striving to be as nutritionally charged as I can, daily.  Whatever my meals looked like yesterday, can be altered to include new and interesting flavours, and textures, including vitamins/minerals.

Of course, it has alway been more difficult when shopping, travelling, or eating out. Like most vegans/vegetarians, I am faced with situations where, my choice in diet, is found to be a "tad limitting".

My solution was to get organized.  I  thought about what foods/snacks I preffered, what they tasted good with, and would travel/stay fresh "on the go".

I also looked at how filling or satisfying they were, and how much energy they might give me between meals.

Keep this list by the fridge or "on" the fridge, to make it a quick reference, before heading out the door.....

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