Mother/Daughter Duo promoting a plant-based Diet and Lifestyle

      Veggie and Loving It!


Our Story

My "instant" transformation began after graduating from college.  It was a just another evening, when I sat down to watch, what I thought, was another interesting documentary.  To put it lightly, my eyes were opened, for the first time.  This particular film illustrated ,very clearly, the way our world views animals as a commodity.  There was no empathy or compassion to be found.

UPON WAKING, the next morning, I was "Vegetarian".

It was easier than I thought.  Since that time, I have never looked back.  
There were challenges, specifically "Kentucky Fried Chicken", 
but this did not break me..... At the time, I didn't even realize the positive long-term effect my "new chosen" lifestyle would offer.  I have an clean bill of health, strong immunity, and consider myself pretty healthy. I want everyone to try and feel this good.   

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